Moissanite Ring Selection: Cut, Carat and Setting.

Comparison Cushion Cut Emerald Cut Moissanite Oval Cut Pear shaped Princess Cut Round Cut

Whenever you are trying to make a buying decision there are certain features to take into consideration. No matter whether you are buying a TV or gemstone ring. 

Since you are already here I assume that you are more interested in rings rather than TVs, so let me make one thing clear at the very beginning. When it comes to moissanite or gemstone rings 90% of the components are subjective to individual preference and liking.

Choosing the stone

Same as for diamonds you can also start looking at moissanite with the famous 4C approach. Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat.

At Yuko Moretti we try to make your life easier by making the first two decisions for you. Both for color and clarity we only carry moissanite with the highest quality standards. For Color this means colorless (DEF) and Clarity VVS1. 

Cut and Carat

Now it is your turn to select cut and carat. The cut of a gemstone and in this case the moissanite is essential. In simple words the cut defines the shape of the stone and additionally the reflective properties. Certain shapes such as round or cushion create more and smaller reflections compared to a classic emerald cut which has less but big bigger reflections. Again, it is up to your individual liking.

Here is an overview of the main cuts we offer in our Classy Collection:

Moissanite Cuts and Carat Overview Comparison

All our designs in our signature Classy Collection come with fixed carat weights. For those who don't know this: Yes, carat is a weight, not a size.

Depending on the band, setting and cut we defined the perfect carat weight which transports our Yuko Moretti design philosophy the best.

So please feel free to browse the different bands. Currently we have 13 band options available. 

I hope you will find the perfect match which emphasizes your true beauty.